Tivoli at Lunenburg (drone pic courtesy Clark Haley)
Tivoli at Lunenburg, NS (Drone photo courtesy Clark Haley)


The house has sold, the estate sale completed, precious belongings are in storage and retirement is upon us. And so it begins, a new adventure, a new phase of our lives, a dream comes true. We are Clayton and Deanna Naeve, crew on Tivoli, destined for points South. Tivoli, a Nordhavn 50, is our own little cruise ship (Nordhavn.com). Designed by Jeff Leishman and built by Pacific Asian Enterprises, she is a sturdy 50-foot ocean crossing trawler with a 3000 mile range and a host of qualities we have grown to admire. She was commissioned in 1999 and has led a good life under the exquisite care of her first owners. We are the second proud owners and have spent a significant amount of time and effort refitting her to carry us safely wherever we wish to travel. Sister ships have crossed the Atlantic, sailed to the South Pacific, and have taken their owners on remarkable adventures. We may or may not cross oceans but are comforted by the fact that we could; a dream that has persisted through 30 years and 3 previous boats, all sailboats. We hope to share experiences and photos about our travels – intended to one day simply jog our own aging memories and perhaps in doing so we may also keep you abreast of our little adventure.

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