Month: September 2015

St. Somewhere

It’s 3:00 AM. I’m awake; no particular reason. I step up to the pilothouse. Horseshoe Bend is glassy smooth and stars are visible horizon to horizon; many reflecting in the water. Orion is rising; the crescent moon has long since set. St. Mary’s College lights twinkle on shore. Picturesque doesn’t begin to describe it.   …

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    We have lived aboard our Nordhavn 50, Tivoli, for nearly a year; she is an amazing traveling machine. A marvel of technology. We are sitting at anchor and have had a hot shower, a cold beverage, a good meal, a telephone chat with friends, watched the Weather channel and a good movie. The …

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    Sea state calm. Winds 0-5 knots. The water in Chesapeake Harbour Marina is glassy smooth as we untie our lines and back out of our slip. A Black-crowned night-heron observes from the top of a piling; always someone watching. We head out into the Bay; patches of fog, haze on the horizon. The …

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