Riverview Street is quiet. It is Sunday morning, the occasional car passes. Sunlight filters through the magnificent old oaks, burdened with veils of Spanish moss. Bicyclists pass by on their own path, along the road, through the woods, often passing over the marshland on timber bridges. This is a tranquil and beautiful place. Wooded paths, green lawns, grassy marshes with their network of open water channels. We are in the historic district of Jekyll Island, near the Jekyll Island Club, built in 1886 as a refuge for the wealthy businessmen of the day; the Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbiilts and friends. One can easily see them traveling the roads in their carriages, hunting, playing golf, or perhaps croquet on the green lawns of their winter “cottages”. We stroll past these elaborate Victorian homes, the stately Jekyll Island Club hotel, the shops on Pass Road, and wander through the museum detailing the rich history of this island. We pause for a time at a park bench and marvel at the serenity. A morning well spent.


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