Magic on the Bay

We awoke to dense fog. Can’t see a thing. So, we take a leisurely shower, eat breakfast, run through our checklists and get ready for a very relaxed departure. By 10 AM the fog had lifted and off we went. Smooth water again today; cool temps. Liberty Call falls in behind and we make a stately exit from Horseshoe Bend.

Six miles downstream we exit St. Mary’s river and enter the Potomac. In the distance several sailboats are headed down river. I take a look through my binoculars and see a mirage. A ketch looking like it can fly. I manage to capture a fuzzy image; surreal.

Once we catch up to the ketch we see it is a “Capt. Ron” boat; a Formosa 51 ketch. Long out of production but still going strong.

We turn south and start the run down to Deltaville, our destination for today. The colors and light on the Bay have been remarkable. Puffy cumulus clouds build over both east and west shores while the Bay itself remains clear. We are surrounded by an enormous ring of cumulus reflected in the calm waters.

I visit the cockpit to take in the sights; I never tire of watching our wake as the miles pass under our keel.

Traffic is light for a Saturday afternoon. We do encounter several ships and have to alter course on two occasions to give them plenty of room. This bright red one caught my attention.

We arrive at Dozier’s Regatta Point marina amongst dozens of pleasure craft out on the Rappahannock enjoying a spectacular Fall day.

Magic on the Bay.

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