St. Leonard Creek

We were treated to a spectacular sunset last night. We had our friends from Sea Dweller aboard our tender and were poking around downtown Solomons and Back Creek. The sky was on fire; brilliant oranges and yellows and, finally, reds. Having these colors reflected in the water, punctuated by waterside scenery, was spectacular. The Wednesday night sailboat racers were also returning to their slips as darkness approached; sails up, nav lights shining, silently passing, quiet greetings from their crews. Another beautiful sight.

This morning we tore ourselves away from Solomons Island after a week of fun bound for St. Leonard Creek. We’ve found it is all too easy to settle in to a place we like, especially with friends, and days pass like hours.

We enter St. Leonard Creek on glassy smooth water. Tivoli purrs along, turn after turn, as we move farther up the creek toward our anchorage. The boat feels as though it is suspended above a mirror. The shoreline’s trees, homes, rolling green hills are all reflected in the water. We were told St. Leonard’s is one of the prettiest rivers on the Bay and we can see why. Soon we are anchored and enjoying the solitude of this place. Only one home nearby; otherwise just woods and water.

I take three steps up into the pilothouse and hear a loud SQWAAAWWK. A blue heron had been perched on our bow rail near the pilothouse door and took exception with being disturbed. We were lucky it didn’t stroll into the open door; would have startled the crap out of us and the bird. The thought of a 4-foot tall bird flapping around inside Tivoli isn’t a pretty picture! We might need to invest in screens.

The photo below is not our blue heron but rather a night heron I photographed in Annapolis. This is my first attempt at using Photoshop to extract an object and layer it on a black background. I like the effect.

Is the following image of a place on Chesapeake Bay or in the Bahamas? The palm trees and white sand beach would suggest the Bahamas but no, it is Vera’s Beach Club on St. Leonard Creek.

Another day in life aboard Tivoli.

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