Blue Hole

We start our first day in the Berrys washing the boat. This involves a boat brush, plenty of “boat wash water” (non-potable) which is full of minerals that leave stubborn spots, followed by fresh water out of our tanks (RO water here is $0.50/gal). After 4-5 hours Tivoli has lost her salt shell and is back to normal. I then spend time in the engine room disconnecting a Balmar external regulator and re-installing the original internal regulator on our 12VDC alternator (fixing boats in exotic places). The Balmar regulator keeps showing a fault light so that issue will require more investigation. In the interim its back to the original gear.

Kev and Anna on Tesla invite us to join them for a boat ride and snorkeling outing. Its been some time since we snorkeled and it shows! We bumble about getting our gear in order. They launch their tender and we are soon on our way. First stop was an airplane wreck but visibility was poor so we moved on to a nearby “blue hole”. As we approach it’s location is obvious; a perfectly round dark blue hole surrounding by turquoise water. We have no idea how deep it is. There are hundreds of blue holes in the Bahamas (including the world’s deepest at 663 feet on Long Island) whose vertical walls are covered with sealife making them great dive locations. We gear up, jump in and soon realize visibility here was also poor. After an hour poking around and seeing little we moved to another location a few miles away, a small outcropping of rocks. Visibility here was excellent and we soon encountered schools of fish, sponges, and sea cucumber along the overhanging edges of this small island.

We followed our swim with a walk on a nearby white sand beach. Conch shells, sand dollars, palm trees, coconuts and a cool refreshing beverage. Tough duty!

We cap the day with a lovely dinner aboard Tesla. A great start to our stay in the islands!

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