Cocoa to Ft. Pierce

We haul anchor at 6:45 and are underway shortly. Nice spot. Slept like a rock. Boat didn’t budge all night in spite of the 20 knot breeze. Great holding and clean chain and anchor when I hauled it in. We turn south on the ICW and start the routine. Autopilot tracking the magenta line; except where the charts are inaccurate. Overlaying the radar quickly alerts you to chart inaccuracies and they abound. We tweak our course as needed, pass the occasional boat, and grouse about the continuing high winds. 25-30 knots is the norm all day. We are snug in our little cocoon observing the world pass by outside our windows. Bridge after bridge, communities pass by, very little traffic today….it’s Thanksgiving. We had just commented about the damn wind when a guy on a kite board speeds past on our starboard side and lifts off the water maybe 20 feet into the air with a perfect touchdown. He turns around and races past again with another couple flights. A talented guy to be sure; he put on an impressive show. Some folks grouse about the wind; others revel in it. Go figure.


We pass San Sebastian inlet, Vero Beach and finally enter Ft. Pierce. It is 78 degrees and people are out playing. The dolphins are also out and playing around the boat. They enjoy riding the bow wave and surfing in our wake. We never tire of watching them.

We decide to anchor out again and make a good choice; a spot well off the ICW in fairly deep water. We are in for the night. Deanna prepares a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and we relax watching the sunset.

It’s great being back in south Florida; nice and warm.

What a life.

link to video coming

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