Sunshine, blue skies, calm seas. Another beautiful day aboard Tivoli. We are 633 nautical miles into the trip. (Note I avoided the abbreviation nm which my spellchecker automatically changes to mm, several ended up in my last post, embarrassing but I figure you could surmise we traveled 300 nautical miles rather than 300 millimeters or 1 foot). Another 383 miles to go. Weather should remain good till late tomorrow when we could get a front moving through. Seas and winds should still be in the “doable” range. We are in the “Ground Hog Day” stage of the voyage, every day is much the same as we watch our vessel’s icon inch across the chart. Our friends on Roam caught a 5-foot Mahi Mahi, Moxie caught a 6-foot Marlin, Tivoli caught a 6-inch flying fish (no pole, no bait, no skill). Pretty quiet day. Deanna did some laundry, we made some water, and generally lounged around watching the world go by. Tough life.

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    We are supremely glad to be receiving daily updates on your adventure. Keep them coming. Vickie & David

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