Big improvement in conditions today. As predicted, the further north the calmer the wind and seas. It’s Thurs. 9 PM and I’ve started my watch with my usual engine room check. All is well. We are 300 mm into the trip. Running this far north has added 85 mm to the distance, but the boost in speed due to the Gulf Stream has been a benefit. The weather improvement is huge. Seas are down to 3-5 feet with the occasional thumper. Winds are also down to 10-15. Tivoli’s crew is doing well, no issues. I spent part of the day on sat phone communications and have been able to get a 5-day weather forecast from Ocens and communicate with Commander’s Weather. I can also see emails sent to our regular Yahoo account. Patience is a virtue when using sat phones; everything is slow and often more than one attempt to send or receive is required. Still, it is great to have the technology. The Delorme Inreach also continues to amaze, a very robust and versatile sat communicator. It is black as coal outside, moonrise isn’t till early morning. The running lights of Roam are 2 miles away off our port side, a comforting view. One or two ships pass in the night and that’s it for traffic. By Fri. morning we reach our last northerly waypoint and finally turn east – 629 mm direct to Bermuda! As we pass the 48 hour mark I record our distance traveled at 387 nm and fuel burn at 130 gal for a great 2.98 nm/gal. Average speed 8.1 knots. Pretty good for a 90,000 lb 50-foot vessel; the N50 hull design is efficient, even without Gulf Stream help. We just received a Commander’s Weather report via email, weather along our route is expected to be mild through Saturday, chance of squalls Sunday, back to milder conditions Mon-Tues. At current speed we will likely arrive at St. George’s late Mon or early Tues. We will slow down, if needed, to arrive in daylight. Life is good.

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    Exciting times, following along. We are still on schedule to go to gulf this fall and start working our way down coast. Cannot wait.

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    Are you in Bermuda at the Americas Cup?

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