Deltaville Adieu

Beautiful day, beautiful people. We enjoyed the company of Deanna’s high school friend; Juanita and Dirk, showed them Tivoli, relaxed in their gorgeous Chesapeake Bay home, threw the ball to Duchess, watched the osprey, drank a glass of wine, lovely dinner on the Rappahannock. Life doesn’t get much better!

We’ve enjoyed Deltaville; a beautiful boating center with a dozen marinas and nearly as many boat yards. Numerous inlets, bays, docks, classic boats, osprey on the wing (or perched on a sign).

We’ve enjoyed the marina, great management, lovely facilities, nestled in the pines. We’ve come to realize we’ve missed too many sunsets in our lives. Each one is unique. Every time I predict “this one will be bland”, Mother Nature proves me wrong.

But its time to move on. If you’ve followed this blog you will have noticed we changed plans. We came to the conclusion our quest for cooler temps might require a trip to Iceland; its been hot everywhere. Since we are late to the New England cruising party, we decided not to go that far north and to stay on the Chesapeake. New York and points north will have to wait till next season. So, Monday AM we are off to the Solomons, another popular Chesapeake boating destination.

Another great day aboard Tivoli!

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