Departure TIme!

It is daybreak. The sun is peeping over the horizon. The crew of Tivoli is up and already working on a list of last-minute items prior to departure. At long last. After several months of planning, a couple dozen boat projects, and working through lists of spare parts, provisions and safety gear we are finally ready to head to Bermuda. Tivoli is heavily laden with a full load of fuel, water and food. We are part of a small fleet of six Nordhavn’s, the Nordhavn Atlantic Passage 2017, headed east. Four of the fleet will stop in Bermuda for a few days then proceed to the Azores and ultimately the Med. Tivoli and the N47 Roam will stay in Bermuda for America’s Cup events throughout June and depart for Nova Scotia in early July. The weather is looking a bit lumpy for the first day or two but easing up as the weekend approaches. We will head north in the Gulf Stream to reach calmer waters, then turn east for the run out to Bermuda. Departure time is 8 AM tomorrow! We expect to clear customs at St. Georges on Monday, the 22nd. Today we deploy jacklines, tape up the laz hatch, clean the A/C strainer, strap down items in the laz and take the car to its storage place. A short list.

We will post to the blog via satphone to provide brief updates and, of course, you can follow our progress at

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