Fernandina to St. Augustine

We were up before sunrise prepping the boat for departure. Overcast grey day but, no sun in the eyes to hamper navigation. We were soon underway and headed for a series of waypoints I plugged into our navigation system to guide us around a nearby bend known to have several shoal issues. The waypoints kept us in deep water though we were two hours before low tide. It is interesting to note we had no concerns passing though this area on the trip north; ignorance is bliss! Our track happened to coincide quite nicely with the recommend course. We motor along, Lugger humming nicely, nav marks whiz by. Tivoli ploNo drama this leg though passing under the San Pablo-Atlantic Blvd. bridge with a standing wave just in front of it was a thrill. wed through with no problems. We arrive at Camachee Cove Marina. We learned on the trip north how the entrance to this marina can be treacherous; strong current crossing the entrance at a 90 degree angle. We anticipated it the last time and had no problems; same deal this time. The effect on your boat would be a real surprise if you weren’t aware of the problem. The marina does warn all guests but I’m sure watching boats come and go can be entertaining.

We spent a couple days in St. Augustine; took a taxi into the historic downtown district and saw the sights, had lunch, strolled along the promenade. We also had a wonderful surprise while here. The first owner of Tivoli drove up from his home in Palm Coast to see us. It had been 5 years since we purchased Tivoli from Bill & Barb Hakos and it was delightful catching up. Of course we gave him the grand tour and showed him all the updates we have made to Tivoli. We were pleased he liked what he saw. We, of course, are grateful for his vision in the customization he did to this N50 making it not only unique among these boats but perfectly suited to us. We couldn’t be happier with this boat.

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