Floating in Space

Tivoli floats on an emerald plate of glass 10 feet thick. I peer over the side in flat calm seas and marvel at the colors. Jade green ranging from the faintest translucent shades to nearly black. We are hovering over the bottom. I am transfixed and expect to see dolphin or the “men in gray suits” (sharks) swim by. Sadly, none appear. We are anchored near Bird Cay just west of Chub Cay in the Berry Islands. The setting sun is obscured by clouds to the west; it’s orange orb barely visible. Northwest Channel is a sliver plate merging with pale blue clouds on the horizon. What an immensely beautiful scene.

After our episode with the small coolant leak yesterday we welcomed today’s uneventful run. No leak, smooth ride, a drama-free passage across the western flank of the Berrys out on the Banks; through the narrow cut into the Northwest Channel. We are bound for Nassau after a night on the hook at Bird; another 35 miles across the Fleeming Channel. We anticipate spending a few days rinsing off and restocking the boat. Some high winds are predicted for a couple days as well. We shall wait for better weather to continue south.

Our anchorage is a bit rolly at first and highlights our need for a “flopper stopper” but by nightfall the winds are calm, the seas flat, and Tivoli rocks gently into the wind. By morning the seas are even calmer and we depart at sunrise for Nassau and a slip we reserved at Bay Street Marina. By 11 AM the cruise ships and the towers of the Atlantis resort appear in the haze so we call the marina for our slip assignment. Unfortunately, they apparently don’t stand behind their reservation; there is no room. They don’t deserve their Active Captain 1st Choice designation, IMHO. We call Lyford Cay Club and they have a spot so we abandoned our route into Nassau Harbor and turn southwest for Lyford. We are nestled in our slip by lunch time. Overall, an easy run to New Providence.


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