We were delighted to find the Nordhavn 40 “Uno Mas” just across the dock from us at Harbor View. We knew of the boat’s participation in the Nordhavn North Atlantic Rally (NAR) and have watched Nordhavn’s DVD documenting the trip numerous times. This trip and the solo 40 circumnavigation preceding it cemented Nordhavn’s reputation as a builder of fine ocean-crossing powerboats. John and Susan Spencer soon introduced themselves and we enjoyed several delightful happy hours and dinners in their company. The Spencers took delivery of Uno Mas at Dana Point then took it up the west coast to Alaska, back down the west coast, through the Panama Canal and over to Florida in time to join the NAR in 2004. Uno Mas was the smallest of the Nordhavn fleet to make the crossing departing from Ft. Lauderdale with a stop in Bermuda, the Azores, and finally Gibraltor. 3800 nautical miles and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! They cruised the Med for three seasons before shipping the boat back to the States on a Dockwise vessel and have enjoyed several trips up and down the east coast. You can imagine the stories and experiences they have to share!

This experience is not uncommon in the cruising lifestyle. We’ve made many long-time friends boating: Jolly Mon, Justa Dance, Shiloh, Suspicion, Pinnacle, Takes Two, Tricia Lynn, Avalon and many more while at Pickwick. We were somewhat concerned about whether we would continue to meet such fine folks while underway. No worries! Folks on Keokuk, Tesla, Gone for Good, Onward and now Uno Mas, the Betty B, Skooch, etc. have filled our lives with laughter and countless stories.

We love the lifestyle and the community enjoying it….”doers” and, as Deanna once put it, “people leading rich lives”….well said.

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