Ft. Pierce

Tivoli is finally on the move. After 4 months in North Palm Beach we cast off our dock lines and departed Lake Worth inlet one more time. The many boat projects we completed, large and small, demanded a proper sea trial. So, we did a slow run up the coast to Ft. Pierce City Marina. Along the way numerous engine room checks revealed all is well. The boat runs very smoothly with its new shaft, coupler, cutlass bearing and dripless shaft seal. We had a minor issue with our ship’s computer but that was an easy fix. The sea trial was uneventful, the seas calm, the day sunny. Our friends Clark and Michelle on N47 Roam were on a test run of their own and met us at the Ft. Pierce inlet. We both hustled back to City Marina to catch slack water. A modest current runs through this spot and we wanted to minimize its impact on our docking. We backed into our new slip without incident or insurance claim, rinsed off the boat, and joined our friends for a lovely dinner down the street. We are impressed with this marina, brand new floating docks, convenient to downtown shops and restaurants, friendly folks, great jazz and blues concert in the adjacent park, and a nice vibe. Lots happening here every week; a sharp contrast to Old Port Cove which is pretty quiet. It’s a nice change of venue.

We’ve completed nearly everything necessary for our upcoming voyage to Newfoundland via Bermuda but there is always something to be done. Most recent was the realization that both of our handheld watermakers were in need of new membranes and seals. I suspect many of our friends carry such watermakers in their life rafts or ditch bags and have forgotten they need to be flushed and pickled annually. Each day seems to find something else to attend to. We’ve worked through long lists of spare parts, lists of safety equipment, lists of charts, etc. and have taken measures to ensure all is in order. If you want to be sure your boat is in the best possible condition plan a long offshore voyage or one to remote places with no services. Though we’ve safely traveled over 10,000 nautical miles on our little adventure (a drop in the bucket compared to many of our Nordhavn friends) we have been amazed at how much we’ve had to do to prepare the boat for long ocean voyages. We now have detailed inventory of nearly everything on the boat in a database, we have spreadsheets listing all spare parts on board, location, part numbers, vendors, phone numbers, etc.; we have a spreadsheet listing all safety gear on board and its location; on and on. Compiling such lists and taking inventory makes it easy to identify deficiencies. All simple stuff to do but the kind of thing that is easy to put off, and a challenge to maintain. Once done, you will sleep better and have much more confidence in your boat and its capabilities.

Our plan is to continue working on the remaining “to do’s” till May, including an overnight run somewhere. Then, we will join the “fleet” at Old Port Cove for final preparations for Bermuda. At present there are 5 Nordhavns planning on an Atlantic crossing (the North Atlantic Passage 2017), and two more of us (Tivoli and Roam) joining them for the first leg, to Bermuda, for the America’s Cup, then north to Milt Baker’s Nova Scotia rally and on to Newfoundland. My brother Jim will join us for the run to Bermuda, then Wayne and Kristin on Kemo Sabe will join us for the run to Nova Scotia, and John and Sue Spencer, former owners of Uno Mas, plan to join us in Canada. Should be great fun!

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