Genset Day

It’s genset day. Time to service the Northern Lights 12KW generator. So, I spend the entire day in the engine room changing oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and impeller while Deanna touches up the topside wax. A boaters work is never done! Of course, it turns out to be a beautiful 79 degree, low humidity day….not in the engine room! But, this little gem of a genset keeps the Tivoli crew comfortable under all conditions whether setting at the dock or plowing through heavy seas. It deserves some TLC.

Other than boat maintenance we’ve taken our extended stay in Annapolis to catch up on snail mail, order some items that take awhile to receive, visit with friends on Grey Goose, wander around historic downtown Annapolis, and ride our bikes to the nearest grocery, marine supply stores, and restaurants. We love riding but our little folding “clown bikes” (as our friend Glen Darby so kindly calls them) are turning into a block of rust and we are lusting after full-size bikes.

We cap off the day with dinner at Sam’s overlooking the marina; then lounge for a bit in the cockpit and watch the Thursday night races. Tough duty!


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