Dawn breaks windless; the bay at Black Point is glass. High tide is at 10 AM so we decide to depart at 9 to exit at Dotham Cut with minimal current and, hopefully, no standing waves. We motor the short couple miles to the cut and, short of a bit of current requiring attention, our departure is uneventful. We find ourselves in Exuma Sound on glassy smooth seas. We leave the stabilizers off and motor along with Sea Dweller, a Krogen 44, and Changing Course, a Krogen 48 behind.

Deanna does a load of laundry and we make water. Rough day aboard Tivoli.

We arrive at Elizabeth Harbor at 2. The entrance is fairly straightforward but it is disconcerting to pass close to breaking seas on either side of the boat. We ease our way down the channel to the Monument anchorage and drop the Rocna in 10 feet of transparent water. We are among at least 40 boats and there are many such concentrations of boats scattered about Elizabeth Harbour. We understand 400+ boats have been here over Christmas holidays. Too crowded for us generally. We launch the tender and secure it to the stern. We are set to explore Georgetown.

We shower after a grueling day and head over to Sea Dweller for docktails. A perfect end to a beautiful day in the Bahamas.

We are expecting to be boat-bound the next two days as a front moves through with 20-30 knot winds. This makes for wet tender rides. Even though we need to re-provision it will have to wait till Tuesday. In the interim we will focus on a few maintenance items; and maybe a nap or two.

Following photos courtesy of Jeff and Ellen Hall, Sea Dweller. Tivoli at anchor at Monument Beach, Georgetown and departing Elizabeth Harbor.


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