Green Turtle

Up again at dawn, hoisted anchor and set out on our course to Green Turtle Cay. Another lovely day though a bit more boisterous in places. We opt to take a southerly route around Great Sale then up to a waypoint called Carter Cay. The better choice would have been a northerly route where one could rejoin the tried and true Explorer chart routes more quickly. My choice put us in deeper water but still off the beaten path. It is 13 miles or so across this area and all is well until the last 3 miles. The water color changes from a darker turquoise to a brilliant turquoise suggesting a sand bar and shallow water. It appears to extend across our path for miles. Yet the chart indicates deep water all the way. So, we gingerly move forward at slow speed until we quickly realize the depth under the keel remained a constant 15 feet…not shallow at all, just an unblemished white sand bottom. We crank up the speed and are soon at our waypoint. Good lesson learned.

The day progressed uneventfully; the best kind. The boat hums along, we marvel at the scenery and can’t quite believe we are finally back in the Abacos on our own boat.

We reach Green Turtle at 2:30 PM, exactly dead low tide. We can’t get in the entrance to White Sound without more water and knew we would have to anchor outside the entrance and wait or do something else. As we approached Green Turtle we noticed a dozen boats at anchor in a nice spot on the south end of Manjack Cay. We decide it is more protected than a spot outside the entrance to Green Turtle and so we pull in and drop the hook.

We shut down all systems, power up the genset to recharge batteries and make some water, and settle in for a pleasant afternoon in paradise.

Next morning we hoist anchor and motor the remaining 3 miles into White Sound on Green Turtle Cay. I had called Bluff House Marina on the satphone and reserved a spot; entrance was straightforward and we were soon tied up and plugged in. We enjoyed a full moon party at the tiki bar complete with bonfire and plenty of other boaters to share lies. Had a great time.

It is Easter weekend and in the Bahamas that means the following Monday is also a holiday. So it is rather quiet. We rent a golf cart and find our way the 3 miles into New Plymouth, the only town on the island. Established by the Loyalists New Plymouth is quaint but somewhat rundown. Hurricane Irene took its toll. Because of the holiday it is emply, shops are closed. We stop at Green Turtle Club on the return and have a grouper lunch then back to the boat for some R&R – this lifestyle can be so tiresome 🙂


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