Happy Holidays Friends & Family!

We can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! We’ve been fortunate to enjoy 70+ degree temperatures and low humidity for several weeks now. Short sleve shirts and shorts. No snow, no ice. Generally we travel to my hometown in NE South Dakota to spend time with family. If you haven’t been to South Dakota in winter you don’t know cold. Not this year for us. We will miss Mom and her cooking, our brothers and sisters and their families. We miss our friends in Memphis and elsewhere. We are blessed to have you all. But, we are well and thoroughly enjoying our new adventure. Happy Holidays and best wishes to all!

3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Friends & Family!”

  1. Robert&lynn clark

    We have really enjoyed reading about your adventures since you left Aqua Yacht Harbor. It sounds like your having a wonderful time. You guys are now retired so (don’t sweat the small stuff). There is always tomorrow. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Missing you during this Christmas season. Had dinner with the Dyers and Belew at Flatiron last week. Fun but not same without you. We are preparing for a big Christmas Eve family gathering tonight with 24 relatives and extended family and friends. Sorry you have encountered delays but think of it as training for retirement. Love you both. Have a merry Christmas.

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