ICW Blues

The weather just won’t cooperate. Our plan to run offshore direct from Brunswick to Lake Worth has been stymied. The good news is we’ve had time to complete a few boat projects; one of which has been nagging at me since we bought the boat 4+ years ago. The engine room 12 VDC overhead lights have never worked. The first owner said they weren’t of much use and weren’t used so he didn’t fix them. I’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to identify the problem over the years. Finally, while working on changing out the lazarette 12 VDC incandescent lights to LEDs I found the problem; a broken connection in a light switch box in the lazarette. After an afternoon crawling back and forth between engine room and lazarette with my trusty multimeter I’ve figured out the switching and wiring. It’s one of those circuits where either of two switches can turn on the ER lights; a SPDT switch in the ER or one in the laz. So, I replaced the funky switch box with a proper junction box, two new toggle switches, and voila….working ER 12 VDC overhead lights that can be turned on or off from either location. Of course this required multiple trips to Radio Shack, Lowes, and West Marine. Sure enough, they are too dim for much of anything other than finding your way around the ER if the 110V lights should fail for some reason. Replacing the incandescent fixtures with LEDs is now on the “nice to have” list. Friends on Gone for Good did just that and one could do surgery in their ER; very nice.

So, the new plan is ICW, thin water, playing the tides. We plan to leave in the morning, stop at the fuel dock (cheapest fuel around), then head down to Jekyll Island and start negotiating our way past all the shoal areas. High tide is around 4PM but we can’t wait that late and make any progress before sunset at 5:30. So there you are. Progress will be slow until we get out of the skinny water.


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