It’s All Good

N72 Alchemy and Rainbows
It’s all good.  Some years ago we were having a discussion with our friend Bob on N57 Istaboa about the relative merits of off-shore versus ICW travel.  His response was “It’s all good”.  Very wise.  Since then we’ve used the phrase often; particularly when life dictates changes in plans.  In cruising this is not infrequently the case.  Weather, life events, boat issues and a thousand other things can often get in the way of plans.  Flexibility is the key.  We are again in such a situation.  While we had planned to return to Newfoundland and perhaps Labrador this summer we have, sadly, had to cancel the trip.  We spent much longer than planned having some warranty work done on our thrusters at Atlantic Yacht Basin.  Then, as we were about to pass the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel enroute to Long Island, we encountered some electronics/NMEA2000 network glitches.  We returned to Norfolk.  We’ve diagnosed some issues, made some wiring changes, replaced some gear, and updated software and firmware.  As a result of all these changes we feel it’s prudent to cruise in a populated area for awhile to confirm “all systems go” before heading north into the remote cruising grounds of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Fortunately, there is a lifetime of cruising to be done on the east coast.  It’s all good.

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  1. Kristin on KEMO SABE

    We’ll see you soon!   We’re headed in your direction later this week.    Kristin


    —Reply posted by Clayton on 7/8/2018
    Great! Looking forward to seeing you both again!

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