Killing Time

Still waiting at AYB to get our broken head replaced. The weather offshore is also not cooperating. So we wait. We spend our days reading, taking walks, stocking up on groceries, Uber rides to other locations, small boat projects, route planning, a bit of TV, etc. We’ve also enjoyed visits with friends on Grey Goose and Two Drifters; two other Nordhavn 50s here. It is amazing how quickly a day passes when doing little or nothing. Speaking of Uber; we’ve become big fans. Technology at its best and a win-win for all. If you haven’t yet used it give it a try. Use the smartphone app to request a ride, specify pickup and destination on a map, watch in real-time as the vehicle makes its way to your location, see driver’s name, photo, and car make and license number, and payment is made electronically. Less expensive than taxis, prompt, decent cars, etc. On our last cab ride the car was rundown and filthy, the driver looked like a homeless person, and we waited 45 minutes for it to arrive. Taxi companies will disappear. No financial interest in Uber; just a satisfied customer. The photo is Grey Goose leaving AYB a couple of days ago; hopefully we will soon follow.


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