Lazy Days, Cool Nights

We continue to enjoy Bermuda and all its attractions. Roam had guests arriving so we’ve welcomed their crew Mark and Michele aboard Tivoli and have enjoyed their company for the past week. During that time we made the two-hour run back to St. Georges to take on fuel. Although we still have 800 gallons aboard and don’t need it for the upcoming passage to Nova Scotia we get a one-time duty-free purchase making the final cost a bit less than Canadian prices; so we took on 400 gallons. We also enjoyed a couple nights in a beautiful anchorage in St. Georges inlet. A nearby resident motored out to welcome us and gave us some Bermuda onions and garlic they grow on their farm. This is typical of our encounters with residents; welcoming, kind and generous. Our friends Clark and Michelle picked up their guests Tom and Diane and we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Wahoo’s. Then it was back to Hamilton for the first of the Team Oracle and Team Emirates New Zealand finals. Sadly, Team USA appears to have a slower boat and are currently losing. It’s far from over however, Oracle was down 8 to 1 in the last races in San Francisco and came from behind to win the Cup, anything could happen.

We are once again anchored in our favorite spot between Nelly and Ports Islands. We are a bit surprised that we’ve been able to anchor here given the number of boats expected for the America’s Cup, but Bermuda has plenty of great anchorages and has absorbed the additional boats without trouble. This is a protected spot yet close to Hamilton. It is very busy on the weekends however, boats pack in like sardines and parade through all day. We went to the aquarium and zoo yesterday and, again, were surprised at the size and quality given the small population (65,000) of this island. Took a few pics of the inhabitants.

ibis pic

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