Longtails and Tall Ships

The days are a blur and passing too quickly. The open ocean tropic bird, the Longtail, has arrived in Bermuda for their spring nesting. Every morning a half-dozen circle Tivoli feeding and chirping their distinctive call; by mid-afternoon they disappear into their shoreside nests where they tend to a single egg. Beautiful white with black markings and a long tail feather they are fun to photograph. Although I’ve taken and deleted dozens of photos I have yet to capture the image I seek. This one is not the best but gives you the idea.

We bade farewell to my brother Jim at a taxi station in Hamilton. He had a very long trip back to Seattle. He, as always, was great to have aboard. Our crossing from Florida would have been much more difficult without his help.

After his departure we left our first anchorage in search of a more protected spot; we are expecting a front to move through with more northerly winds. We found a lovely spot surrounded by islands and a good view of Gibbs Hill Light. Flat calm, little wake from passing boats; this should do nicely and it’s still a short run into Hamilton.

Clark and Michelle Haley on N47 Roam purchased a pennant allowing them to anchor on the America’s Cup course and have generously invited us aboard every race day. The view up close is awesome and we’ve enjoyed our time with them and their crew Mark and Michele.

Today is Tall Ship Day in Hamilton. We jumped in the tender and ran out to Great Sound to photograph their arrival; five ships entered Hamilton Harbor, I expect more are enroute. What a sight! Though we’ve now seen many vintage sailing vessels up and down the coast it is still fun to see these magnificent vessels underway and up close. Many in the fleet have arrived from Europe; the Italian Navy training vessel Amerigo Vespucci arrived yesterday. All are participating in an event taking them around the world; next stop Halifax. We may see them there as well!

We ran into town for lunch and a visit to the Bermuda Art Gallery. For a small island this gallery was well done. We continue to be impressed with these islands. We’ve been here a week already and have barely scratched the surface.

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