It’s an 80 nm run from Shelburne to Lunenburg so we cast off at 7 AM. We depart Shelburne as we entered, in a complete fog. We saw the town but didn’t see the 10-mile run into the harbor coming or going. Kind of strange. We motor slowly on a flat calm sea; zero visibility but also zero traffic on the radar.

I decide to test navigating Tivoli using Time Zero software on my laptop. It works! The NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 interfaces are working and I’ve finally figured out which NMEA sentences to transmit. There are a few things still to be tweaked; the autopilot doesn’t negotiate turns at waypoints smoothly so some adjustment to parameters will be needed. I’m also still not transmitting all the info needed to support the various displays we are accustomed to seeing. And, for some reason, TZ isn’t keeping com data requiring that I configure the software every time I restart the application; not friendly. Should be easy fixes – did I say that out loud?

As we near the sea the swells grow, I turn on the stabilizers and we settle in to a nice ride north along the invisible Nova Scotia coast. The seas are running 3-5 feet with 7-8 second periods and they are following seas; net result is a nice smooth ride. We remain shrouded in fog until mid-day when, finally, visibility slowly improves. We, again, are surprised at how little traffic we have encountered. A small Sabre and a sailboat and 4 small fishing vessels are all we see the entire day. No commercial ships. The further north we run the calmer the seas become until they are completely flat as we turn west into Lunenburg Bay. The sun is even shining.

As we approach, the beauty of this place begins to come into view. What a spectacular scene! Deanna and I are shooting photos as if our lives depended on it. One picturesque scene after another. The town skyline, a schooner sailing past, dories being rowed, fishing boats of various types, homes along the shore…on and on. Lunenburg is a UNESCO world heritage site and has been voted #1 most scenic town in Canada; we can understand why. It reminds us of German or Swiss hamlets as we turn into the harbor. Of course this has made it very much a tourist town.

We slowly enter the mooring field and find a nice spot to anchor well away from the neighbors but giving yet another terrific view from Tivoli. We pull out the deck chairs and enjoy the view with a glass of wine. We find ourselves constantly grabbing a camera for yet another pic. The light here is fantastic; a photographer’s dream.

The sun sinks, lights begin to flicker on, shadows grow long and reflections twinkle on the water’s surface. Viewing Lunenburg from the bay at night is just as beautiful as the colorful waterfront is by day. Another advantage of seeing places by boat.

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