Magical Drone

Our lovely vessel Tivoli has safely carried us nearly 14,000 nautical miles from Georgetown in the Exumas to the fjords of Newfoundland. Along the way we’ve found it is often a challenge getting good photographs of our own boat as most of the time one is onboard. As a result we’ve taken more photos of our buddy boat N47 Roam than we have of Tivoli and, likewise, they have taken plenty of photos of Tivoli. We just exchanged our respective collections and we got the better end of the bargain. Clark & Michelle have a DJI Mavic drone and the images Clark has captured of our boat are spectacular. Many thanks my friends!


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  1. Several lovely places to sit back, feel blessed and share a glass of wine. My wife’s from Newfoundland and for me, the country was love at first sight. I’m still early in my reading, but did your travels get you near Gros Morne National Park?

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