Night Sounds

It is now dark. The conch horns have been played; the sun has officially set. I open the port side pilot house door and step outside. Blue LEDs illuminate the boat’s walkway. Moving aft I climb 6 steps to the boat deck. The wind has shifted and has subsided significantly from the day-long 15-20 knots out of the west to a gentle and quiet 5-10 knots out of the north. I join Deanna on the aft end of the boat deck and admire the view. Marsh Harbor at our stern is filled with boats, anchor lights twinkling. Boat tenders are crossing the bay taking their passengers back to their boats. Some have a light of sorts showing, most do not. Often one hears only voices. Laughter wafts across the water from boats nearby. The moon is nearly full and occasionally peeks through the clouds. The breeze is warm. A couple of cold fronts are on their way and in the distance we see sheet lightening flashing orange on the horizon.


We ponder this lifestyle choice and agree with what everyone before us has said. There are incredible highs and incredible lows. Gorgeous sunsets, moonrises over the ocean, beaches with colors that seem unreal, and new friends all pile up in the incredible high column. Equipment failures, boat maintenance issues, the labor involved in keeping a vessel ship-shape pile up in the low column.

All in all; the highs have clearly outweighed the lows.

We love this.

Tivoli and crew in Marsh Harbor

Photo by Jim Naeve

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