It seemed to take forever. We reach the southwest corner of Bermuda after dark. Gibbs Hill Light shines brightly, buildings on shore and car traffic offer a glimpse of civilization’s hustle. We yearn to touch land, yet there are many miles to go and they pass ever so slowly.

We weave our way through the many navigation lights and finally reach St David’s Head, we contact Bermuda Radio and they direct us into Town Cut and to Customs on Ordinance Island. It is finally calm as we ghost past dozens of anchored boats. Getting in to Customs is tricky, the lights of surrounding vessels and shoreside buildings makes it difficult to identify the narrow channel entrance. After weaving through the mooring field we finally arrive and tie up to a rickety wooden dock barely long enough to accommodate our two vessels. After five days at sea and 1036 nautical miles we set foot on land. Bermuda Customs officials were very efficient and had us checked in shortly. We cast off and made our way back out to Powder Hole, weaved our way through the mooring field and found plenty of space and depth to anchor. Even though it was now 2 AM we had to have a Dark & Stormy to celebrate the crossing, then crashed…large week!

Tivoli performed flawlessly, the only casualty of the trip was a tear in our Nordhavn burgee. 136 hours non-stop, 1036 nm, average speed 7.6 knots. Tivoli averaged 2.25 nm/gal, having burned 461 gallons of diesel fuel. This was a few gallons more than we estimated but was due to the added length of the journey due to weather. The genset burned another 102 gallons, leaving about 936 gallons remaining.

I’m up at 7 and catch the first daylight glimpse of beautiful Bermuda. It’s the Bahamas on steroids. Same Island feel, pastel colors, white roofs, colonial architecture but upscale, well-kept, clean, efficient. Roam has launched its tender to give their dogs a walk and offer to run us into town. We dinghy over to Ordinance Island and walk around the quaint town of St. George’s, have lunch at The Wharf, and return to the boat. We had planned to run south to Hamilton to secure an anchorage spot for the Americas Cup activities but opted to relax today and head south in the morning. A little more rest is welcome.

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  1. Brian Russell

    Okay, just stop, you''re killin'' me! Bahamas on steroids! I was visualizing your excellent prose…Congratulations on your successful passage, y''all ROCK!

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