Old Port Cove

We’ve moved 4 miles down the ICW to Old Port Cove Marina. Nice place! Floating docks, terrific facilities, lots of large boats and at least 20 fellow Nordhavns (photo is Nordhavn row at OPC).

There were three other N50s here when we arrived: Serenity, Gone for Good, and Stan Heirshberg’s second 50 (Crossroads II?). The former Crossroads has departed for the islands so we are down to 2 sisterships at OPC. We visited the Darby’s on Gone for Good and really enjoyed the tour. It is always fun and educational to see how other similar boats are set up. It is quite remarkable how much variation there is from boat to boat. So far, Tivoli’s layout seems unique; it’s a good thing we like it!

We continue to make progress on projects. Our steering system upgrade is complete. The new Accu-steer is installed, shutoff valves installed, new hydraulic hoses replace the old solid copper piping. We were going to replace the hydraulic steering ram but are having difficulty finding a direct replacement. The original is in great shape but does leak a few drops of oil. James Knight suggested we continue to monitor but it should be fine for our Bahamas adventure.

Tom Wade has completed the fiberglass repairs from our davit installation and did a very nice job, NAIAD recommended Stabilized Marine and they will start on our the stabilizer system upgrade tomorrow…the list is getting shorter but we fully expect to spend another month before all is ready. Those readers that have been following our blog are probably getting tired of the seemingly endless work on the boat but it is all necessary to allow our adventure to continue.

We had visitors! Two manatee visited the marina yesterday; and of course neither my cameras nor my phone were handy. Maybe next time. These two looked pretty scruffy; scars on their backs, bites out of their tails…life seems hard for these slow moving “cows of the sea”.

We are looking forward to human visitors too. Our friends Ron and Nancy Goldberg (on a sistership Duet) will be arriving next week for the Miami boat show and will come up to see Tivoli. It has been a treat to share experiences with them; they have done some amazing upgrades to their boat and both are fountains of knowledge and, happily, quite willing to share. We can’t wait to catch up. We are also anxious to welcome my sister Judy and Doug who will be stopping by to see Tivoli for the first time. Too bad we aren’t in the Bahamas but we have fun no matter what.

We made a major change a couple days ago. We became residents of the great state of Florida. We got our Florida drivers licenses, registered Tivoli and her tender, and registered to vote. We had been dreading the process expecting long lines, reams of paperwork, etc. In actuality it was easy, we were well prepared with a pile of documents, and we were done in about two hours. We hated to leave Tennessee behind after so many years but it was increasingly difficult to retain residency there with a mailing address and a car in Florida….fortunately we like it here!

We had rain today; no matter, temps are still in the mid-70s.


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  1. So glad to get an update. Sounds like you have made great progress. What a treat to have your sister come for a visit. Hope we get to visit sometime in the next few months. Got excited last week – someone looked at Shiloh. The excitement has receded with no further contact from the broker. David reduced the price on both the boat and his Mother’s house. Big step for him. Miss you guys.

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