Onset to Gloucester

Following a peaceful night on the hook we motor out of Onset Bay enroute to Gloucester. The Cape Cod Canal is wide and fast; a 4 knot following current is pushing us north and we hit 12 knots. In retrospect I wish I had done our daily wide open throttle run in the canal….might have set a land speed record (relatively speaking)

The short 7 mile run soon passes and we enter Cape Cod Bay. Out of sight to the east is Cape Cod and Provincetown. To the west is Plymouth. Lobster pots are everywhere; we spend the day dodging them left and right. It will only get worse we are told. Our traveling friends have cruised in the Northeast extensively and are a wealth of knowledge; it’s very nice to be traveling with them.

By mid-afternoon we are crossing the approaches to Boston harbor and expecting a lot of traffic but encounter only 2 ships inbound and well away from our path. We aren’t disappointed. We would love to stop in Boston but we are anxious to get to Maine and will likely stop on the return trip. Same is true for Long Island Sound and New York. Too much to see and do! We pass Boston well offshore; I didn’t even notice it.

We pass Marblehead and run into Gloucester by late afternoon. Such a beautiful harbor, lined with elegant homes and steeped in maritime history, …we are soon anchored in Southeast Harbor.

A couple of lovely schooners sail in and out of the harbor; no doubt taking tourists on rides. They add yet more charm to an already charming place.

We call Boston Launch and are soon picked up and taken to a pier in town near all the action and restaurants. Had a lovely dinner on the waterfront and headed back to the boat; tired but pleased to be in New England waters.

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