Sea state calm. Winds 0-5 knots. The water in Chesapeake Harbour Marina is glassy smooth as we untie our lines and back out of our slip. A Black-crowned night-heron observes from the top of a piling; always someone watching. We head out into the Bay; patches of fog, haze on the horizon. The usual ships are at anchor awaiting berths in Baltimore I assume. We turn south and engage the autopilot. I made some adjustments to the autopilot parameters and am anxious to see the impact. As we move from waypoint to waypoint the boat turns crisply onto the new heading with no overshoot or wandering; I’m happy. We also turned on the watermaker for an hour to see whether a new flow sensor had solved the low readings we had been getting; sadly the problem persists. So, we still can determine precise consumption but have to manually add back the production of the watermaker; not a big deal. And there are still some tweaks that I can do to potentially resolve the problem. By the time the hour was up we got an error message indicating some filter maintenance is needed. We have spares aboard but will wait to do that when the engine room cools down. It’s 90 degrees outside and 100 degrees in the ER; I’m happy with that too. The ventilation improvements are working nicely. We turn into the Choptank River and follow waypoint after waypoint; finally arriving at an anchorage just across the Tred Avon River from Oxford, MD. We dropped the hook and settle in for the afternoon. Tomorrow we launch the tender and go explore this quaint village.

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