Palm Cay

I’m reclining in one of our comfy Ekornes chairs. Eyes closed. Wind is rustling through the palms behind Tivoli; a gentle cool breeze wafts through the boat. A morning dove calls in the distance. Life’s good.

I spent the morning on maintenance tasks. Cleaned the NAIAD stabilizer water intake strainer; replaced the impeller in the NAIAD water pump; cleaned the genset strainer, cleaned the A/C strainer, replaced the fresh water system filters, and tidied up the engine room. There is never a shortage of things to do when cruising. The ability to live off the grid comes at a price; i.e., maintenance of all the systems needed to do so. Engines, watermaker, fresh water system, battery banks, electronics, monitoring systems, pumps, stabilizers, charts, communications gear, etc. It’s a long list. These boats are more complex than one might think.

Fifteen days on the hook has been an education. All systems on Tivoli worked well. We cooled the boat, cooked meals, made water, charged our batteries, watched movies and satellite TV, launched and retrieved our tender; explored our surroundings. The surprise was how much fuel and generator run-time is needed to do so. One gallon/hour is the norm for our Northern Lights 12 kW generator. Doesn’t sound like much but one can easily burn a couple hundred gallons in a months time. An additional charger and/or solar panels would fit the bill. Something to research for future consideration.

The expected cold front arrived last night and dumped plenty of rain on Tivoli. Today is partly cloudy but windy. Winds are expected to persist for several days. We may have to stay here longer than anticipated. Not such a bad thing…..’’


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