Passage to Panama

Although this blog chronicles the travels of Tivoli, I will digress for a bit and turn attention to a passage from to Panama aboard a Nordhavn 62. Our old friend Captain Bernie Francis called and asked if I would crew on N62 “Fleet” from North Palm Beach to Colon, Panama. I jumped at the chance as Bernie is a terrific teaching captain, I will likely learn a great deal and the boat is the iconic passagemaker. While Deanna and I have been to Panama aboard a cruise ship, its an entirely different matter to make the passage in a trawler. I will take our Delorme Inreach satellite tracker to record our track and will post updates when internet connectivity is available. Tivoli will remain at Old Port Cove undergoing preparations for a cruise to the Bahamas and north this Spring to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland via Bermuda (and the America’s Cup).

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