Finally, some progress! Tivoli is now shiny…topsides have been compounded and waxed, what a transformation…she looks like new! The hull is next but needs to be done with the boat out of the water. We’ve had fiberglass repairs done to repair the bolt holes needed for the new davit. We’ve re-bedded the boat deck hand rails. We’ve had a NAIAD stabilizer expert aboard to assess our system and he discovered a couple hoses and an actuator in need of replacement. As a result we have elected to upgrade our stabilizers from the original NAIAD 201’s to the more robust 252’s. This will entail replacing hydraulic actuators and replacing the 3 gal/min hydraulic pump with a 5 gal/min pump. We also have some foredeck repairs to do and the Maxwell windlass is leaking a bit of oil and needs service. None of these were a surprise; we needed to get to south Florida to find the expertise needed to address these issues and we budgeted accordingly. So, we continue to stay here at Loggerhead working on getting these matters addressed.

Loggerhead has been terrific; great support staff and a good location. Florida Atlantic University, Scripps Florida, and Max Planck Florida are just down the street to the west. Numerous gated communities with homes on the water or a golf course are located north and south. The beach is less than a mile east. The only problem here is there is a large construction project underway at the marina. High-end condos are planned and the earth-moving phase of the project is well underway. While many precautions are being taken, the place is unavoidably dusty. This means washing the boat frequently and, more importantly, means we can’t get our teak trim varnished here. We shall have to move to tackle that one.

Meanwhile we continue to do projects we have the skills to do…like cleaning the bilge, calibrating our sources of barometric pressure, setting up additional screens on our Maretron display to monitor pitch, roll, both GPS systems, heading information from 3 sources, etc. We have been very impressed with Maretron equipment Easy to install, robust, flexible display options and a real window into one’s N2K network. We don’t have the N2KView software or a PC interface but we can see where that would provide even more capability and a much larger display than the small DSM150 we currently use.

When not getting the boat ready we continue to enjoy the area. We are getting to know Jupiter and Juno Beach well. They are lovely communities with nice restaurants, nice beaches, and without wall-to-wall high rises. We are enjoying our time with friends, we ride our bikes, we make countless trips to marine supply stores, the grocery, and a couple too many to Gelato Grotto.

The big news for us is we bought a car. Rentals with insurance proved to be much more expensive that simply buying a car. So, we now have a 2015 Ford Fiesta marina car. Not the Lexus, but just fine. Comfy, good mileage, easy to park and fits right in with the Bentley’s, Rolls, and exotics that are common here 🙂 We need nothing more. After all, it will sit in marinas months on end while we travel on Tivoli.

Getting the boat ready for extended cruising is taking a bit longer than we anticipated but we are focusing on long overdue maintenance tasks and safety-related repairs or updates, much of the rest can wait until we return. If you have a boat you know the “to do” list is endless. There are always recurring maintenance items needing attention. Next week we will move to Old Port Cove Marina. It is only a few miles down the ICW on Lake Worth but it is very nice, has floating docks, a nice restaurant on-site, and many fellow Nordhavn owners. It is also close to the Seminole boat yard where Tivoli will be hauled to complete her wax job, stabilizer fin service, and portal re-bedding. And, it isn’t dusty like Loggerhead so we will get the varnish work done. We expect to be at Old Port Cove several more weeks as we finish up our projects. We will use the time to provision for the Bahamas, plan our routes, and, as always, watch the weather.

Weather here continues to be lovely, temps in the 70s and sunny. We appreciate this all the more given the nasty winter weather much of the country is experiencing.

Life is good!

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