We have lived aboard our Nordhavn 50, Tivoli, for nearly a year; she is an amazing traveling machine. A marvel of technology. We are sitting at anchor and have had a hot shower, a cold beverage, a good meal, a telephone chat with friends, watched the Weather channel and a good movie. The view from all windows is spectacular. We can make our own water, our own electricity, we wash and dry our clothes aboard, we can entertain ourselves, we can explore the world. All the comforts of home detached from the grid no matter where we are. We got here using precise position data obtained from satellites and converted to reality by chartplotters and autopilots. We can see where we are, what is around us day or night, and other vessels in the vicinity. We can see their course, speed, distance to closest approach, and time to closest approach, among other data. We can view weather data on our charts. We can even use augmented reality and view vessels, navigation aids, and hazards overlaid on a real-time camera view of our course. Amazingly, all this can be done while sitting at the marina, on the hook in a quiet cove, or underway in heavy seas. Tivoli is a rock, she keeps us on an even keel, she moves us to our destination whether it be 100 miles away or 3000 miles away. She keeps us cool, she keeps us warm, she is a hermetically sealed, quiet, traveling machine that can and does take us wherever we want to go. It has been a journey getting her equipped, bugs fixed, things repaired and, like anything of this complexity, she requires ongoing maintenance. We are delighted to have her and lucky to be in the company of other Nordhavn owners. Sadly, we can’t cut the grass 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. It is hard to believe you have been traveling a year already. How time flies! Come see our progress should you pass by this way.

  2. Hi Helen! We keep up with your blog and are most impressed with the boat. We will be in Memphis last week of October and may just take you up on your offer. Would be great to see you again. The year has flown by, we’ve enjoyed every minute, and we are just getting started!

    All the best,

    Clayton & Deanna

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