Return to Solomons

We enjoyed Labor Day anchored out across the Tred Avon from Oxford. Charming little town. Several streets with old homes impeccably kept. And boats. Lots of boats. Especially Hinckley sailboats as there is a Hinckley yard in Oxford. If you aren’t into boating the Hinckley’s are a work of art with a price tag to match. Hinckley sloops, ketches, old and new. Hinckley picnic boats, Hinckley East Bay boats. They are all here in numbers and generally parked in the back yard. We enjoyed lunches at Salter’s Tavern and had a nice dinner with new friends Allen and Linda aboard Sea Shadow at Schooner’s; the local hot spot. Took the tender in and had a very nice ride back to Tivoli at sunset. Oh, and you don’t want to miss ice cream at the Scottish Highland Creamery!

We enjoyed 5 days on the hook in a quiet and beautiful little inlet called Plaindealing Creek. Our view out the back reminds one of a Monet painting. Trees, green fields, marsh grasses and, of course, water. The creek is lined with beautiful homes, manicured lawns, and boats. We took our tender for several rides during our stay; nearly all the way to Easton. Countless bays, inlets, and rivers and all are lined with homes; mega-homes, hotel-sized homes. Quite impressive.

We stayed through Labor Day to let the crazies go home then hoisted anchor and set sail this morning back to the Solomons. We had a beautiful run down the Bay; nice weather, pilothouse door open, good tunes on the stereo. Very little traffic today; a couple skipjacks were sailing to the east, several sailboats headed north up the Bay, and a large CNG ship unloading at a Cove Point facility decides to get underway just as we pass. Do we hold up and let him gain speed and cross in front of us? Do we speed up and cross in front of him while he is still getting underway? We opt for the second choice and, though all went well, I probably won’t do that again. Something about a large ship gaining on you as you throttle up to get out of its way makes an indelible impression.

While in Annapolis we had an insurance survey done and the surveyor found a few minor items that we want to correct. Things like “put a cover on the positive lead to the windlass motor”. So, we will stop back in Zahniser’s Yachting Center to address them before continuing on south. It is nice to have a thorough survey of our complex home with no faults of any significance found.

Weather is still hot, though it is cooling off in the evenings now, and we thoroughly enjoy sitting on the “lido deck :-)” watching sunsets on the water, ducks and geese, osprey, boats, and people. Some leaves are falling though Fall colors have net yet appeared. September and October are the best on Chesapeake Bay and we can see why. This beautiful geography splashed with Fall colors must be a sight to behold. We will linger as long as we can but have obligations in Memphis at the end of October and will need to head down to Brunswick GA to pick up our car by month’s end.


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