Ride to Shark River

Sunny but breezy today. Winds are 20-25 knots although the marina is very sheltered. In spite of our aches and pains from yesterday’s long bike ride we opt for another ride today to the south end of the island. This takes us down to Shark River inlet where we snorkeled and saw rays a few days ago; only its 30 minutes by road instead of 2 hours idling through the mangroves in a tender. It’s a perfect cool day for cycling. the views along the beach road are similar to those we encountered traveling north on the island. Scattered beach-side vacation homes interspersed with public access areas. We reach the end of the road and walk the beach. The tide is out and the white sand stretches on; we are the only visitors.

We reconnoiter the place planning another snorkeling trip in hopes of seeing more sea life enter or exit this teaming estuary through the narrow inlet.

Offshore the “elephants are marching”; huge breakers are visible on the horizon. It’s a good day to stay in the harbor.

We ride back north and stop at The Beach Club bar/restaurant for a cool beverage. What’s not to like about this view?

We’ve been here a full week now and feel we’ve gotten a good taste of the island although it’s easy to see how one could spend many weeks here. The forecast isn’t great; high winds all week will keep the New Providence channel and the “Tongue of the Ocean” rough. We will be here another week before a lull in the winds should allow us to move on.

I think we will manage another week just fine.

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