Settling In

It’s been a bit over a week and we’ve spent much time storing “stuff”; you know, the good stuff one accumulates in life that is clearly useful and should find a space aboard. Trouble is, given a finite amount of storage space one has to ask “will I really use this?” for each and every item then give away what won’t likely be used…tedius process. We’ve been back and forth to Memphis several times over the past 6 weeks and always make a stop at our storage facility to either retrieve something we now think we need or store something we now think we won’t need, or make another stop at Goodwill. At some point we are just going to leave and live with the consequences.

I had a major problem during this process. I’ve lost my socks. Not just any old pairs but the best of the lot, good socks. Gone. Not to be found in any cubbyhole on Tivoli. I think we gave them to Goodwill. By mistake. After the horror of it all, I came to realize this is a minor problem, who needs socks?

We also had a hardware failure; our new Bosch microwave/convection oven failed. Less than 3 years old and used sparingly on weekends. Bummer. Of course, Bosch’s newer models are an inch taller and won’t fit the existing space. So we found a GE model that should work. I had to craft a new mounting bracket to install to install the Bosch and now I fear I’ll have to redo the entire thing to install the GE. It is discouraging to replace such a new piece of gear. Hopefully, after the washer/dryer drama (see For Boat Geeks if interested) and now microwave drama we are done with appliance replacements for now. Doesn’t matter re our trip. We are leaving on schedule if we need to eat cold sandwiches.

Issues like these commonly derail plans to leave the dock. One has to quickly realize that the “to do” list will never be complete. So, if weather isn’t nasty we will depart Saturday, November 8th.


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