Solomons Fixes

Everyday is a learning experience when cruising. Learning what has broken since yesterday. Today it’s the tender battery; all of its electrons have escaped. Batteries are consumables, we replaced our 24 VDC system AGMs at Tidewater. Our house batteries, thankfully, appear to be going strong. Replacing those is a big job; six 175 pound 8Ds in an awkward location in the lazarette. Need battery boys for that job; lots of muscle. Our planned water tour of the area in the tender will have to await a new battery which should arrive tomorrow. That’s OK; its back to hot, hot, hot. While we are here we are having Washburn’s boat yard send over a Lugger diesel mechanic next week to do a bit of service work on the main engine. Nothing serious, just routine maintenance. That means, as always, we will be here longer than planned. We’ve long known the definition of cruising is “fixing your boat in exotic places”. This is indeed the reality. Adapting to this mix of exploring a new place while fixing something has been a challenge. On the plus side, we’ve been introduced by phone to another N50 owner who keeps his boat, Liberty Call, right here; we look forward to meeting him.

We spend many evenings on the boat deck enjoying the sun set and the moon rise and watching passing boats; this is the Nellie Crocket passing through our “backyard” on her way to the Calvert Maritime Museum.

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