Weather forecast last night was 5 days of sunshine; no rain. This morning we are up early unplugging and casting off lines – in the rain. East coast weather seems to be terribly unpredictable. Thunderstorms pop up seemingly at random. They can also dissipate quickly as well. Makes life on the water interesting.

We motor out of Dozier’s Marina in Deltaville watching the depth sounder and trying to follow our recorded track taken a week ago as we entered the bay. Soon we are in deep water and headed for our first waypoint out in the Bay; windshield wipers working hard. Not surprisingly, the only other boat in view was a fishing boat; a deadrise design with a dozen or so hardy souls aboard casting for something. We settle in on a course to Solomon’s Island and pass the time listening to music, monitoring systems, and watching the occasional ship pass. A Dutch car carrier passes us to starboard doing 20 knots. I’d been watching his approach for over an hour and, as he rapidly closed the distance between us, I decided to hail him on the VHF and offer to change course if needed for a safe passing situation. He immediately replied and indicated we should hold course and he would be past us shortly. Indeed. 20 knots. I’ve come to admire 20 knots.

Our little ship hums along as we pass Tangier Island, the Potomac River, Deale Island, etc. By mid-afternoon we were making our turn into the Patuxent River and heading for the barn. We saw a submarine in Norfolk; here we passed the Pax River Naval Air station and were treated to a view of several V-22 Osprey aircraft doing “touch and goes”…takeoff and landing practice. These are the vertical takeoff aircraft with large rotor blades and engine pods that can rotate; attributes of both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Amazing to watch in action; and very loud.

We head up the Patuxent, pull into Solomons Island, round little Molly’s Leg Island, and motor up the channel to Zahniser’s Yacht Center.

As you can see in the Google Earth image; Solomons Island is a busy boating center, many marinas, nice town, boardwalk, restaurants, convenient grocery shopping, a West Marine. Should be fun to poke around here for a bit! Good news; it’s relatively cool, temps in the low 80s.

All in all, another lovely day aboard Tivoli.

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