St. Somewhere

It’s 3:00 AM. I’m awake; no particular reason. I step up to the pilothouse. Horseshoe Bend is glassy smooth and stars are visible horizon to horizon; many reflecting in the water. Orion is rising; the crescent moon has long since set. St. Mary’s College lights twinkle on shore. Picturesque doesn’t begin to describe it.

I check the house battery bank status and see we are down to 65% state of charge. We will have to run the genset in the morning to recharge. The boat’s 160 Amp 12 VDC alternator can’t run all the electronics, fridge, ice maker, etc. and also recharge the house bank while underway. This compels us to run the genset, and to keep it loaded we need to run all the A/C’s, even though the mild temps wouldn’t require them to be on. I can see why some of these boats have additional high-output alternators on their main or wing engines. One more thing on the “nice to have” list. Certainly not critical.

We arrived mid-afternoon yesterday after a calm 45-mile run out of St Leonard Creek, into the Patuxent, out onto the Bay, into the Potomac River, and finally up St. Mary’s river; ending up only 15 miles south of where we started. We pass through a narrow entrance and a wide circular bay opens up. What a sight to see as we entered Horseshoe Bend. Liberty Call, another N50 we had met in Solomons 6 weeks ago, was anchored in the bay along with 2-3 other smaller boats. People were out enjoying the beautiful day on small sailboats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, outboard boats, and even members of the swim team were crossing the Bend (Note to self: very hard to see small heads even in calm water). We crept in slowly, positioned ourselves in the center and, before we can drop the hook, Mike on Liberty Call motors over in his tender to say hello. We invite them over and look forward to a pleasant evening. Unfortunately, it was not to be as his tender motor refused to start at the appointed hour and he insisted we not trouble with launching our tender to go get them. No doubt we will cross paths again; that’s how it is out here cruising.

We settled in for a quiet evening, doors open, cool temps, beautiful surroundings, no bugs.

Another day in life aboard Tivoli.

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