Sugar Beach

A cool overcast morning convinces us to launch the bicycles and go explore the island. We remove them from their storage bags, lower them onto the dock, and spend some time cleaning them up and pumping up the tires. Armed with a simple map we opt to head to the east side of the island and take the 5 mile road to the North end; hoping for some good views along the way. We also planned on stopping at the Carriearl Boutique Hotel for lunch. We ride along on our folding “clown bikes” peddling like mad and going too slow. Our Tesla friends have full-size bikes and appear to peddle about half as fast to go the same speed! Around each corner and over each hill we expect to see the end but the road continues into the distance. We were expecting fairly flat terraine; no luck there. It is surprisingly hilly. We pass the restaurant but it is too early for lunch so we peddle on; bound for the north end and some spectacular views of the New Providence channel. Change gears, peddle, pant, pump, repeat. Trudge up each hill, speed slows to a crawl in low gear. Short ride down the backside and start over. Views of the beach and ocean to the east are spectacular. Every shade of blue. Nice homes line the beachfront. Many home owners here have planes and fly themselves over to enjoy their vacation getaways. We finally get to the road’s end; the turnaround is a two-rut path through the woods. There is no view; NONE. No path to the beach. Just jungle. Disappointing. So we turn around and head back. Along the way we stop at a couple public beach access points. Sugar Beach proved to be a lovely spot. Large outcroppings of rock, small white sand beach, waves crashing ashore. We climb to the top of the rock for a couple iPhone pics. Right around the corner is Sugar Beach Cave; we explore it as well.

After a brief break we jump on our bikes (ouch) and continue south till we reach the Carriearl. We stop in for lunch. What a treat! This is, by far, the best restaurant on the island. It is run by a couple of Brits so Kev and Anna feel right at home. The menu is extensive, food is great, everything is fresh. The venue is lovely. The building was owned by Earl Blackwell (author of the celebrity best dressed list) and named for his wife Carrie and himself. The current owners converted the place to a small lodge (4 rooms) and restaurant and kept the original name. The views overlooking the pool and ocean are spectacular. A great place to relax and refresh after our long ride.

Too soon it was time to peddle home. We head back to the marina after about 10 miles; happy to have gotten the exercise but a bit sore as well. Just another day in paradise!

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