Summer’s Coming

90 degrees yesterday, rainy all day today. The mild winter temps are giving way to the heat of summer. Snowbirds are heading north. While we had originally planned to spend the winter months in the Bahamas it turns out April and May are among the best months. The winter is often plagued with a succession of Northerly’s that bring cold temperatures and windy days. We’ve experienced it ourselves on previous trips to the Abacos. By April these moderate and better weather can be expected. We are ready.

All 50+ planned and unplanned boat projects are completed. Tivoli is, in many ways, better than new. All paperwork has been completed (Customs and Border Patrol decal, Local Boaters Option numbers). Provisions have been stowed. Waypoints plugged into our navigation gear.

A sea trial Wednesday went very well. Engines, stabilizers, and new steering hydraulics all ran well, bow thruster worked well, autopilot and heading sensors were calibrated. A problem was identified with our rudder position indicator but that was quickly remedied. It was great to be out of the marina listening to the Lugger’s reassuring hum as the miles passed by.

All we need now is some decent weather and we will, finally, be on our way.

But not today.


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