Tall Ship Haulout

I’m up early. Sunrise illuminates the brightly colored buildings lining the waterfront of Lunenburg harbor. Two men in a small dory row past. The famous schooner Bluenose II ghosts past; even filled with tourists she is a beautiful sight. The tall ship Europa, a Dutch training vessel, is moving slowly out of the harbor, then stops. I wonder whether they are having problems and come to realize they are maneuvering the vessel into a railway drydock for haulout. I watch for an hour or more as she is secured with a webbing of heavy line. Divers enter the water to position underwater supports. Slowly a winch hauls the ship, and the cradle she’s in, out of the water. Not something you see every day.

Clark Haley comes over to Tivoli in his tender to discuss weather. He proposes an immediate departure to extend our weather window for a run back to the US and the lovely Southwest Harbor, Maine. We agree and quickly hoist the tender and prepare Tivoli for sea. The 230 nautical mile, 32-hour run will put us into Great Harbor marina at sunset. This should work well as traveling the coast of Maine at night would likely improve one’s odds of snaring a lobster pot given they carpet the area. We depart at noon and begin our run home. We’ve been out of the States for over 3 months; it will be good to get back.

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