Team Oracle Loses

Team Oracle loses to New Zealand. NZ had a faster boat and better crew; they deserve the win. Still, it’s been amazing to be on N47 Roam, on the race course, watching these events unfold. One couldn’t get a better seat, along with the on-board TV up on the flybridge providing the play-by-play. Thank you Clark and Michelle!

We are now looking forward to the next leg of our journey; the 715 nautical mile run due north to Lunenberg. The next few days will be spent re-provisioning and getting Tivoli ready for offshore. This will entail cleaning the bottom, an oil change, and lashing down anything that moves. Our friends Kristin and Wayne (N40 Kemo Sabe) arrive on July 1 and will be ready to go the next day. If weather permits we may do just that.

Maybe one of these young sailors will win the Cup back in 2021 in Aukland.


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