Tivoli Fountain

We enjoyed the day at Fernandina. Lunch at a local restaurant, a walk about town to snap a few photos, hors d’oeuvre and a glass of wine at the Salty Pelican and back to the boat.

A group of tourists were on the dock behind Tivoli taking photos with their phones and pointing at the water. Intrigued, we step out into the cockpit to see what all the fuss is about. Two manatee are lounging behind the boat; a larger adult and smaller juvenile; we assume mother and child. To our amazement both move to the port side of our boat and “mamma” starts drinking water streaming from our AC outlets. This is sea water that is pumped through our four air conditioning compressors and returned to the sea – hot! I guess mamma likes a spot of “tea” in the afternoon. She was clearly savoring the experience; rolling over as she slurped on the stream. Junior apparently hadn’t yet acquired the habit and appeared completely uninterested. Shortly, they moved on and were soon out of sight. You never know what the day will bring aboard Tivoli!


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