To Annapolis

Sunlight dances on the water as we make our way east down the Patuxent River. It is 7:30 AM and we are headed for the Bay. We reach our first waypoint and engage the autopilot turning north toward Annapolis. Tivoli seems happy to be underway; the Lugger quietly pushes us along at 8 knots at 1500 RPM. We have been pleasantly surprised and very happy with the performance of the boat; she is both fast (as trawlers go) and fuel efficient (as trawlers go). We pass Cove Point light to port, the first of several as we move up the Bay.

At their peak there were 70 lighthouses on Chesapeake Bay, 30 still survive and 23 still shine their beacons to protect mariners. They vary in design from this early land-based light, to the screwpile design with seven-sided two-story structures on pilings screwed into the bottom of the Bay, to the cylindrical concrete and brick caison lighthouses, as well as light ships.

It is calm; apparently not for long. The Coast Guard broadcasts its regular weather report on VHF channel 22 alpha. We listen as they report Small Craft Advisories up and down the Bay starting this afternoon. 15-20 knot winds and 3 foot seas. Nothing to worry about in Tivoli but fortunately we should arrive at Chesapeake Harbour Marina around 1:30 and should miss the action. Short choppy seas are just not fun.

There is little traffic this Monday morning; until we reach Annapolis. Then there are dozens of boats moving in all directions. Ships at anchor, sailboats, trawlers, workboats, and a tug or two. If you want to see boats this is certainly the place to be.

We maneuver around crab pots and and pick our way carefully into Chesapeake Harbour. Annapolis by water is lovely; a bustling harbor, church spires, quaint New England architecture, dozens of marinas inlets and bays and, of course, the Naval Academy. Back to civilization.

We pull in to slip A6 at the Marina, tie up, power up, and check in. It’s a great location right at the entrance of the marina and provides yet another million dollar view capping a short but very pleasant run up the Bay.

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