The Trumpy “Annabelle” at AYB

The run up to Atlantic Yacht Basin on the ICW was uneventful; except for the grounding.  Yes, for the second time we met a barge in the Alligator-Pango Canal that caused us to move too close to the shore.  Ironically, it was the same tow boat, Island Pilot, that effected the same outcome last year.   Only this time I had nearly stopped Tivoli and we backed off and went on our way.  The location was approximately a mile further east from the last unfortunate incident.  Not to make excuses but this canal can be treacherous when meeting oncoming barge traffic.  The canal is narrow and the shores are often shallow or full of stumps and deadheads.  Passing can be a challenge, especially if the barge is fully loaded and cannot move out of the center.  The trick is to pass as close to the barge as you can but not so close that it sucks you into its side as it moves past.  I think next time we will bypass the canal altogether and run down Pamlico Sound and up the Albemarle instead; bypassing the canal and the Alligator River.  Besides, weve been this way many times now and its time for some new scenery; stop by Ocracoke, anchor out at Kitty Hawk.

We planned on spending a week at AYB having a few projects done.  Naturally, its taking longer than anticipated.  Our friends on Roam are already in Boston, Changing Course has come and gone, we wait on parts.  All part of the deal.  Tivoli takes us far and wide in safety and comfort but, in return, we must lavish attention on her from time to time.  

On the plus side weve met new friends on the beautiful Nordhavn 72 Alchemy (the former Shear Madness).  Alex, Tom and their son James are just getting acquainted with their new ship; its a steep learning curve.  She is a magnificent vessel but she makes us appreciate the relative simplicity of our little boat!

Its always fun to walk through the 80-year-old boat sheds at AYB to view the ancient beauties lying quietly on their lines.  The Photoshopped image here is one I took of a wooden Trumpy, the Annabelle; beautiful to look at but not one Id care to maintain!  The Lulu Belle and the wooden yacht Principia are also in the sheds.  

The Trumpy Lulu Belle at AYB

The wooden yacht Principia at AYB

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