Vacation Vacation

A vacation from our permanent vacation (retirement).

We are back in Brunswick. We left the boat securely tethered to dock 12 at Brunswick Landing Marina and took a road trip. Back to Memphis to take care of a year’s worth of doctor and dentist appointments in a week, see old friends, check on our stuff in storage (put some stuff back took some stuff out), etc. Life is all about managing your stuff. Then we popped up to South Dakota to see my mother and sisters. About 3500 miles in our little marina car. Had a lovely time.

Now, it’s back to “work”. Clean up the boat. Catch up on snail mail. Hire a diver to clean the running gear and waterline. The Master stateroom A/C needs freon. And started a small project to add smart regulators to our Lugger alternators. Always something to do on a boat.

We will continue with this type of stuff till the weather gets better offshore; then the plan is to shoot down to Lake Worth nonstop to spend December and perhaps January. Looking forward to returning to old haunts and seeing old friends there as well. Got some small repair projects lined up for Yacht Tech, then hope to cross over to the Bahamas and head south to the Berrys and Exumas for 2-3 months. Time and weather will tell.

Tough life.

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