Waiting Game

Old Port Cove Marina is a ghost town. All the snowbirds have flown north. Since we changed insurers we are allowed to linger in Florida/Bahamas till July 15th so we remain in North Palm Beach attending to a few minor maintenance issues. We noticed a vibration at wide open throttle before we sailed for the Exumas and wanted that fixed. James Knight at Yacht Tech found the engine/drive shaft alignment out a few thousandths of an inch so we adjusted that and went for a sea trial….smooth! We also had a problem with our new Steelhead davit freezing up while we were attempting to retrieve our tender down in Georgetown. We initially believed it was a wireless remote problem and purchased a spare; that didn’t address the issue. Steelhead tech support then determined it was likely a thermal overload sensor problem. I attempted to run the davit with the intent to measure temps and current draw but the davit failed completely; solenoid would click but no movement detected. So, Steelhead is shipping a new drive motor and solenoid that I get to install. Been waiting a week now. That’s boating; hurry up and wait sometimes. When we do finally get the davit repaired we are heading north. But, we have managed to get many small projects done on Tivoli. We’ve updated charts and navigation software, installed a device that converts our analog engine data to N2K data and put it on our Simnet, installed a couple dock boxes on the boat deck for additional storage, installed another Maretron temp sensor on the Lugger, etc. Minor stuff with a few items having a significant impact on our cruising comfort. Tivoli is in great shape and we can’t wait to launch our next adventure….Maine.

We purchased a season pass at Dysart’s Marina in Southwest Harbor, ME. Located in Acadia National Park this marina will serve as our base camp for exploration up and down the Maine coast. 3,000 islands in Maine and 3,000,000 lobster pots! Can’t wait. Friends on Dragonfly (N47) loaned us their charts and guidebook and we’ve been drooling ever since. Hundreds of peaceful anchorages, quaint towns, rich maritime history, good restaurants, hiking and biking trails…what’s not to like? Of course it means wearing long pants again, socks, fleece….brrrrr.

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